Orglamix ~ September unboxing

I am so excited to do ANOTHER unboxing today of the Orglamix Box!  This Box was send to me for review and I am so excited to see more Vegan and cruelty-free options out there! If you follow me on Instagram @plantbased.Jahanara you already saw a preview of everything on my Insta=stories 🙂

A bit about Orglamix!

Orglamix is a monthly subscription Box Sent out on the 5th of the month for $29.00 You can choose to get the box for 6 months or yearly to save some $$$!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.05.41 AM

Orglamix started out on Etsy with an eyeshadow and since then has grown to a over 600 hundred shades and numerous skincare products…. Orglamix focuses on natural & healthy beauty, each month they send out 4-6 healthy beauty Products, Non toxic cosmetics & of course all the products are Cruelty-free and Vegan!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.12.31 AM

The Theme of the September Box is ” MOROCCAN HAMMAM”


This box is a real treat if you want to unwind, detoxify & relax! which is exactly what I need right now! It is inspired by the Traditional Hammam sequence practiced for thousands of years.

This box is specifically designed with 6 products, step by step to help you relax the body and mind! I love the themes and love that all these products work together! thumbs up!

So lets see what was in my September Orglamix Box!!!



Rhassoul Body Clay 

Mask ~ $10

Looks like his one has multiple uses!

This Clay is treasured by Moroccon women for its skin firming powers! it absorbs water and oil and tightens and firms the skin. You can use it on your hair as well! fights flakes and leaves it soft and shiny!

I haven’t tried this on my hair yet, but I did mix it up with some water and put it on my face! It worked as advertised!! skin felt Fresh and Tight! loving it!


Botanical Facial 

Steam ~ $15

I had never steamed with herbs before! so this was my first time! I felt amazing and relaxed and just wow… I had been missing out for sure! a real treat… My skin was also left very hydrated afterwards!

the ingredients include Eucalyptus leaf , peppermint, Calendula, rose and orange… so a great balance of relaxing and energizing the mind and body!


Marrakesh Fig 

Solid perfume ~ $7.50

I usually don’t do well with perfumes, I am very sensitive to the smell and its too fruity or too much I get a migraine! but this one didn’t bother me at all, intact I just wanted to live in this smell! I had never thought about what a fig smells like, but this had a soft fruity smell! very pleasant 🙂


Morocan Argan Oil

Treatment ~ $19.00


Well, I don’t really need to spell out the benefits of Argan oil.. you can use it for everything! it is as they say ” Liquid Gold” Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids! great for anti-aging treatment. My only concern with this oil is that it contains fragrance and I try to stay away from products that I don’t know all the ingredients to since I have allergies.

But I think Moroccan Argan Oil is a Must for any girl, anywhere 🙂


Moroccan Rose 

Mineral lip + Cheek Tint ~ $18

My favorite thing in the Box!! Such a beautiful color! I was worried about how this would blend on the cheek! but it was very Blend-able! I would even use this as an eyeshadow! love the pigment and quality!


Moroccan Mint


Well I just love that there was tea in this Box, nothing says relaxing like a cup of Moroccan Mint tea! I got a full Spa treatment in a box!! so awesome!


There you have it! Such an awesome Box this month! love that its cruelty-free, Vegan and Natural and really did need to relax a bit this month! thank you Orglamix! you did it again 🙂

Grab your own  Orglamix Box and support this wonderful company! I have been loving their stuff, High quality and affordable!

As always I’ll have to mention that I am in so way sponsored  by this company ( or any other company on my blog) , I did receive this product for review but in no way getting paid to promote or write a positive blog on this company, I just do this so that you guys get to read about more cruelty-free and vegan companies out there and have the choice to chose better for yourselves, the environment and the animals. 


Alright see you guys on Monday! I have a Life Changing food product that I am going to tell you guys about, so don’t miss it!

Love & peace

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