Mediterranean Vegetable Casserole

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

My favorite Recipe for today comes from The Vegan Corner... If you have not heard of this youtube Chanel you should definitely check them out!

I am going to be making this on new years day! so if you follow me on snap chat ( @jahanara.saleh or @veganneeds) you’ll see it πŸ˜€

this Mediterranean Vegetable casserole is healthy! awesome and you will LOVE IT!

thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe to The Vegan Corner, they have really awesome recipes πŸ™‚

love and Peace


7 thoughts

  1. I make something like this already…I leave out the sweet potatoes but next time I will add them in….I love to put it cold on my salads….yum….I am so excited to get my goodies from….already ordered and should be arriving at my new home but the end of the week….whooo hooo thanks it was a great omen to win at the begging of a new year..and bonus…it us my Birthday TOO!!!! thanks….Happy New Year to you and your family and puppy too!!!! kat

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