Cruelty-Free Brand List Updated Weekly

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Lately, I’ve been doing a whole lot of one of my favorite things: contacting companies! In case you haven’t already discovered it on my blog, I’ve been compiling a cruelty-free brand list (which now includes over 100 companies!) I only include brands with whom I have personally been able to communicate and verify that they are in fact cruelty-free. This means:

  • They don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals at any point in the production process
  • They don’t test ingredients or products on animals through a 3rd party
  • They make sure that their suppliers and manufacturers do not test raw ingredients on animals
  • They do not sell their products in China or any other country that requires animal testing by law.

In other words, I’ve pretty much covered any sort of animal-testing “loophole.” So, long story short, the brands I’ve listed are, to the absolute best of my knowledge, truly cruelty-free. I update…

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