Being Cruelty-free has never been so easy!

Cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries are on the rise (thank goodness), and more manufacturers are listening to the demand of the vegan consumer. The Chinese laws surrounding animal testing has meant that many brands have stated that they do not test on our furry friends unless the law requires it in the country they are being sold; therefore, all those that sell in China have not been able to state that they are cruelty-free products.

However, the laws are currently under review, and will hopefully be changing in the near future (for more information, take a look here) which means more and more cosmetic brands will be able to adorn their product with the cruelty-free logo. So, whether you’re a beauty addict who loves to splurge, or you need some affordable makeup options that also satisfy your conscience, there’s an array of brands and products awaiting you if you know where to look.

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Save Your Cash

Let’s give a round of applause to all those affordable drugstore brands, which are cruelty-free, so they’re making a positive impact on the environment and not a negative one on your bank balance. So, whether you’re after a N.Y.X liquid lipstick or an e.l.f baked eyeshadow palette, there’s a drugstore product that’s sat, waiting for you to come and swatch it (well, you’ve got to try before you buy).
Ecotools, Wet n Wild, and Physicians Formula are also super affordable cruelty-free brands that you can pick up at the pharmacy, and boast several cult beauty items that are loved by your favorite beauty gurus. For more ideas on who to follow in the beauty blogging world, check out for some ethical inspiration. If you’re ever unsure whether a brand tests on animals or not; you can usually see the labeling on the back, or front of the packaging, or do a little Google investigation work.

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Treat Yourself

If you’re a luxury lover when it comes to your foundations, contour kits, and mascaras, then you’ll probably be more inclined to spend a little more on your cruelty-free cosmetics. Many of the high-end brands are stocked in department stores, and there should be the information that you need on their websites, social media, or the sales assistant will be able to keep you informed of your choice. It’s easier to grab a deal on your Charlotte Tilbury haul, if you buy your products using a voucher code from sites like, or if you sign up to relevant newsletters so that you’re informed of a sale. See, you can still save your cash, even when you’re splurging!

Big names in beauty that are against animal testing, like Kat Von D and Jeffree Star, have released their own makeup ranges that are full of must-have products for any dedicated cosmetics addict. Lesser known, organic brands like Elizabeth W and 100% Pure, are vegan favorites, and it’s worth researching into the ethics and ingredients behind their products. For a plethora of cruelty-free beauty brands to check out, take a look here and get ready to start spending.

It’s such great news that there seems to be an increase in consumers wanting to invest in cruelty-free brands and that they are shunning the huge cosmetic labels that continue to test on animals. All you can do is keep shopping for the right products, and stay informed on your ethical choices (and maybe start telling your family and friends about it too).

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Love & Peace

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    1. I don’t believe the body shop is cruelty/free, I don’t see it on logical harmony’s list, I know there has been some controversy around it. Personally I don’t use brands have parent companies that test… but I don’t believe in bashing them on my blog, after all they are headed in the right direction 💚😌

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    1. Manna kabar is not certified by leaping bunny, And it is pending approval on logical harmony… they probably are finishing paperwork 🙂 but at this moment they are pending 🙏🏻hope that helps💚

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